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Our Affiliates

Concordia Foundation having network all over the world, our affiliates help us achieve our vision and mission to “Provide educational excellence in a global setting”.

Concordia International University

Concordia International University is an educational institution offering certificate, diploma, higher diploma and postgraduate diploma programs progressing to undergraduate and postgraduate degrees locally and internationally. We have a network of colleges located in many countries (USA, Europe, Canada, Korea, and Philippines) and offer both online and offline courses, and online-to-offline (O2O) courses. We serve as a platform university for students who are looking for a clear path into international universities and colleges at a more affordable price, at a faster pace. Through our online-to-offline program, students have an easier way of completing their courses abroad through our affiliations with a multitude of universities and colleges in Singapore, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States, and many more.

Concordia International College ( Canada )

Concordia International College started as a Canadian College of Vocational College on September 1, 2002 and was established as a university in 2013. It operates undergraduate associate degrees in California, USA and is a school corporation in eight countries In addition to having an educational program, the Philippines is a government university that is a four-year full-time university that links universities worldwide. Here, Platform University has its own university education function, and it is possible to invite a world-renowned university to Concordia International University so that it can be awarded a prestigious university degree, It means a college that has.

Concordia College of Benguet

Concordia College of Benguet Inc. (CCBI) provides students the opportunity to achieve academic and professional success in an international society by providing a comprehensive, supportive educational experience and offering merit scholarships and needs-based scholarships.

Concordia APEC Center

Concordia Asia-Pacific Education Corporation (APEC) Center is located in 11 countries around the world, including Canada, Australia, Italy and the Philippines. The center has 16 training centers in each country. And will expand it further.


Based on this extensive network of universities, it has established itself as a research university that develops practical courses through world-renowned universities, academic institutions and academic exchanges and business agreements.


In recent years, Concordia has devoted itself to developing transfer programs with prestigious international universities to realize innovative education systems. This will be a valuable asset for their lives and for globalization by fostering global talent beyond time and space barriers. . To this end, we have established a flexible and innovative learning system that enables students to learn about university excellence courses around the world and will continue to expand them further. This allows students to earn a degree at an internationally accredited higher education institution with faster and cheaper tuition fees and Concordia has been developing for the past 15 years as a platform college that sets the door for wider education and degree exits. Will be developed.

Concordia Global Cluster Coding

Concordia Global Cluster Coding (GCC) is a specialized training institution for all students to cultivate the philosophy and basic knowledge necessary for the future society.

The various functions to cultivate through Coding are necessary elements for the students who will go beyond the occupational group and build the future with various learning and functions.


The Concordia GCC program offers students up to elementary school students the opportunity to cultivate philosophy, thinking, and knowledge, and to pursue Coding as their own pathway, through AP courses and continuing through Concordia.


Concordia GCC is based on a student-specific Computational Thinking Quotient (CTQ) index and trains instructors with proven GCC TC credentials.

Concordia Language Centers

Concordia Language Center (CLC) is a world wide education provider that sets up pathway for students to engage in effective language learning system. CLC aspires to prepare the next generation of global leaders possessing both qualifications and skill sets in different language.







Help English Language Programs Inc.

Founded in 1996, Help is the oldest and most trusted English institute in the Philippines with 20 years of history and 3 big campuses; two in Baguio and One in Clark with the capacity to accommodate 750 students all year around.

Concordia Live Your Life Scholarship

Concordia Live Your Dream Scholarship (CLYDS) is a non-profit affiliate of the Concordia Foundation that grants scholarships to a select group of promising students.

Concordia HELP Scholarship

Concordia HELP Scholarship, under Concordia College of Benguet, grants scholarship to students in Philippines. This grant are also available to HELP instructors TESOL students.

Concordia Korea Scholarship

Concordia Korea Scholarship provides scholarship towards student taking Concordia’s Programs who resides in Korea, republic of.