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About Us

Who are We

Concordia Foundation was started in the early 2001 as an Education Management Company. Since then we operate a network of colleges and university in multitude of nations around the world. USA, Canada, Philippines, Singapore, Korea, are few nations Concordia Foundation linked its network to. Since 2011, Concordia Foundation created many scholarship programs to help achieve their dreams.


What do we Do

Concordia Foundation establish scholarship programs as well as researching and developing ideas and technology regarding education.


Our Scholarship programs already helped thousands of students totaling over $15 million dollar since 2011 and we are just getting started.


Within our research and development, we operate university networks in various countries (North America - USA, Canada, Europe - UK, Italy, Switzerland, Asia - Philippines, Korea, China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar, Nepal, Laos, Uzbekistan etc) working to process O2O (Online to Offline) method for students. This means a lot to build education content and infrastructure to educate developing countries and third world students.


Mission and Vision


To become a global education leader by supporting those who are searching for innovative educational opportunities and by expanding its academic horizon throughout the world.


Continue to provide excellent education to our students with faithful and professional faculty and staff showing outstanding ability. Our mission is to actively take care of our families, our neighbors, and society in the international convergence of students, teachers and employees.

Core Value

Libertas - Freedom or liberty that enables our students to determine their destinies and contribute to their families, communities, the nation, and to international understanding.

Scientia – Love for knowledge; a desire to achieve academic excellence in and out of the campus, a yearning to learn that is manifested in hard work and patience.

Veritas – Search for the truth, a predisposition to work towards what is right and true.

Veneratio – Highest respect for others and for the environment.